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G-Eazy wearing Hind Adib

5:26 PM

 If someone came and told me 2 years ago (when I was feeling hopeless and demotivated to do anything about my dreams) that my favourite rapper would wear my own creation, I would laugh in their face and then cry a little, because, what creation?

Looking back at the moment I saw G-Eazy in my jacket, I feel so much joy, remembering how tears were running down my cheeks, my heart beating so fast, and my smile couldn't leave my face for weeks! 
The happiness that rushed through me was coming from a place deep inside where I once felt like a failure, like I'd never be able to reach a point where I would create anything and feel confident enough about it to put it out there for the world to see.

The reason I felt so much happiness seeing him wear it wasn't because of who he is. It was because I imagined it happen, I aimed for it, and I made SURE I would make it happen. No matter how many times my brain told me ''HAHA it's never gonna happen'' or ''you're crazy'', through all these self-doubting thoughts, I proved to myself, that if I aim for something, I CAN make it happen, no matter how crazy it might sound to me or anyone else.
I imagined it, planned it, and went for it.

It only proved to me that putting my mind into something and working hard towards it, can really get you the things you plan for.
That brings me so much more motivation to aim for ANYthing I could imagine, and WORK hard to make it happen! 

Video of G-Eazy wearing the X Jacket - from Dany Neville (slightly re-edited) 

Throughout the past few years, I worked day and night on my dream of creating something that will make a difference (even if it was just for one or two people), through tears and disappointments, through hopelessness and doubt. Failed idea after the other. Through it all though, something deep inside me knew I had to keep going, keep creating and believing that someday, I will have enough courage to put my work OUT there.

And I eventually did! I launched a collection SO dear to my heart, called the X collection
(view here)
X symbolising crossing out all the negative thoughts I felt, all the self-doubt, all the judgements, all the hate I had for my demotivation that crippled me from creating. 
 As cheesy as it sounds, the 'X' brought so much light into my world. 

Seeing it on my favourite rapper/the MUSE behind the jacket, wearing it, just 3 months after I launched, gave me so much happiness. Knowing that no dream is out of reach.
That ANYthing is possible. 
That I can dream SO big. 
And that everyone's dream is valid if only you put so much LOVE and time into creating the life you love.

Please know, that no matter where you are in life, your dreams ARE SO REAL. 
No matter how old you are, how young you are, where you live, what you do.
Your dreams are there for a reason.
Stop waiting for the ''right time'' cause the right time will NEVER come. 
YOU have to go and grab that right moment with your nails and teeth, and YOU have to make it happen. 
It may sound overwhelmingly impossible to reach that big dream when you think of it as it is.
But it is possible if you go slow, start slow and take one step at a time.

I am nowhere close to my dream, but I have removed the concept of 'expectations' for myself.
I do what I love each day and I do my best and I enjoy the process and explore every turn life throws at me.

You never know what opportunities come your way when you're open to accepting what the world will give you.
You won't know until you START.

To bigger and better dreams, if you're still here, thank you for taking the time to read, I appreciate you! :)

be brave

DIY : How To Chase Your Dreams.

4:23 PM

Yes, I am categorising this post as a DIY, because you are the only one who will CREATE the life you love for yourself.

(A bada** playlist to fuel up your motivation :)

Almost two years ago, I left an amazing full time job to pursue my dream. I thought I had it all figured out, that the second I would leave, I would start creating my dreams. But...

Life gets in the way...

 And as a designer, emotions play a huge role in my inspiration process.

Starting something from scratch on your own, is very scary. And with that come millions of different emotions :

Excitement, doubt, confusions, disappointment, happiness, sadness, more doubt, loneliness, FEAR FEAR FEAR....

I had a lot of moments where I felt like giving up. 
I felt so alone and demotivated. 
I didn't know why I was even doing what I was doing. 
Nothing made sense at that point.

''Remembering that you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. have the courage of following your heart and intuition'' - Steve Jobs

I went through a lot of bad and good ''phases'' where I'd either feel super inspired or very down.
I had no balance.

I used the ''bad'' phases to take care of myself, travel and recharge my brain. And with travelling and experiencing different things in life as it went by, it helped me remember why I wanted to do what I do. 
Having experienced a lot of feelings through-out the years, the ideas slowly started to flow as time went by.

I realised that no one is going to save me. That my dream is MY dream, and if I wanted to make it happen, I had to START somewhere!

I pushed myself when I didn't even want to get out of bed.
I worked day and night, even on sh*tty ideas, I worked on them until I realised I didn't like them.
If I didn't know how to do something, I taught myself.
If I had a really bad day, I'd let myself rest and let go, but I would START over the next day.

Looking back, I have zero regrets. I love what I do right now, and if I never took that risk, I would have never reached where I am today. I may not have reached my goals yet, and I definitely still get those ups and downs, but I am enjoying every day as it goes by, knowing that I am getting closer and closer to my dream, no matter how hard things get.

If you're having a hard time feeling inspired and motivated, please know that ITS OKAY.
BUT, no one is going to take that fear away from your head except for YOU.
Trust me when I say that the SECOND you start, you won't stop.

You just have to START somewhere, anywhere. Even if your first 100 ideas don't make sense, you'll only know they sucked if you write them down, design them, or bring them to life. And with every failed idea, you get closer and closer to the idea you want to actually create. But you'll never find it until you try again and again.

Every day, dedicate a whole hour into your dream. Whether that hour goes to research or anything small, you're still getting a few steps ahead towards your dream!

Things don't happen magically.

Quality work isn't created over night.

Don't feel disappointed if things don't work out right away. 

Dreams need time and effort.

The important part of it all, is to start somewhere. 


What have been your struggles lately? We'd love to hear your stories.


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Favorite Book Quotes

Quotes : The Happiness Project (Pt.1)

2:22 PM

On January of this year, I bought ''The Happiness Project''. And since it is about a whole year's resolutions, I decided to start reading each month as it goes. 

Unfortunately I am a very slow reader and I like to take my time so I didn't really reach November in the book just yet. I don't know what it is but I feel kind of sad to finish a book that I enjoy so much, I wouldn't want it to end so I take my time reading and going over it again and again!

Every time I read this book, I find myself smiling, crying, laughing and feeling everything Gretchen writes. You will definitely relate to it in one way or another! She talks about happiness, attitude, family, work, friends, and much more.

I like to keep a pencil close while I read, to underline all the quotes or sayings that I find inspiring and relative to me. So I thought I'd share what I've got so far.

I haven't finished the book yet so these are just some of my favorite quotes from reading halfway through.


''You've been there and done that so you know it's possible to do it again. It's a matter of weathering the storm and navigating to your happiness destination. It probably won't be the same path but it is achievable.''

''I'd been haunted by an uncomfortable feeling -- that I wasn't doing what I was ''supposed'' to be doing. Now, through my wiring career can be a source of ''feeling bad'' as well as ''feeling good'', I do ''feel right.''

''Happiness'', wrote Yeats, ''is neither virtue nor pleasure not this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.''

''I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth''

''Happiness begins with my attitude and how I look at the world''

''On sunny days, I think ''great,'' a good day to be outdoors and on grey days I think ''great,'' a good day to be indoors. It's all in your attitude.''

''Of all the things that wisdom provides for living one's entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship''

''Whenever I feel blue, working cheers me up''

''And perhaps most important, I would take care to remind myself to remember how lucky I was to be as eager for Monday mornings as I was for Friday afternoons.''

''People don't notice your mistakes as much as you think''

''I didn't want to be like the novelist who spent so much time rewriting his first sentence that he never wrote his second. If I wanted to get anything accomplished, I needed to keep pushing ahead without constantly second-guessing myself.''

''Starting my blog, for example, made me feel anxious, but deep down, I knew I could do it and would very likely enjoy it, once I'd overcome the initial intimidating hurdles.''

''In order to have more success, I needed to be willing to accept more failure''

'' ''I enjoy the fun of failure''. It's fun to fail, I kept repeating. It's part of being ambitious; it's part of being creative. If something is worth doing. It's worth doing badly''

''I think I might have shied away from pursuing these goals, because I wouldn't have wanted to deal with rejection''

''If I do my project my way, I'm unspiritual and gimmicky; if I tried to do it in a different way, I'd be inauthentic and fake. Might as well ''Be Gretchen.''

''The most effective way to lighten up, is to make a joke''

''The days are long but the years are short''

''Family traditions make occasions feel special and exciting. They mark the passage of time in a happy way. They provide a sense of anticipation, security, and continuity.''

''I think by knowing who we are as people and being ourselves, we can start making the world better''

''I started a ''Happiness Box'' in which I'd collect all sorts of little trinkets meant to trigger happy thoughts and memories''

''Just because something is fun for someone else doesn't make it fun for me.''

''I think a real life-shaking catastrophe can provide in-sights into happiness that you couldn't have any other way.''

''Samuel Johnson said, ''The business of the wise man is to be happy.'' In whatever condition life happens to offer.''

Until next time..

Much love.. 


The Craziest Thing We Can Do Is Nothing

6:01 PM

Everyday, we wake up to a routine we are used to. We get up, drink a glass of water, and go on with our day. Not recognising the simplest and smallest things we are blessed with.

Over 700 million people don't have the luxury of simply drinking clean water whenever they're thirsty! 
Women and children spend over 8 hours walking with gallons of water on their backs to bring water to their families. And the water they collect is not even clean!

Every day, 1,400 kids die from water-related illnesses before they reach their fifth birthday.
BUT, with our help, so many lives can change.

That's why, for my 25th birthday, I decided to celebrate differently and start a campaign to help charity: water  build drilled wells, spring protections and BioSand filters that help provide clean water to communities around the world so that more children can celebrate their birthdays with clean and healthy water.

Never have I ever felt more at peace now that I turned 25 in August. 25 just feels so balanced (cause you're in the middle of 20 and 30, I guess haha) But no, really, this birthday was so special because it gathered people together for a cause so close to my heart and so very important. 

Together, we raised $1270 (AED 4665) and 100% of the money raised by this campaign is being used to bring clean water to help those in need. 

In 21 months they will be able to show us exactly where the money went and who it helped. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you who helped and supported this cause.

So many thanks to everyone who supported my campaign and helped reach this amazing target! Your souls are beautiful. Never forget that and never stop giving.

My Bday campaign is now closed but if you'd still like to donate to charity: water, click here
And if you'd like to dedicate your next birthday to water, click here

So much love,