designing a jacket

Making A Jacket - In Pictures.

12:34 PM

Hello everyone, you chose number 1 out of the list of  ''university life in pictures'' which is making a jacket.
These are pictures from my pattern drafting exam of my second year of fashion university.

First off, every morning.. Coffee, hot chocolate, or anything hot!!

Going to start off with showing you guys how ''making a jacket'' process is..
First, the teacher hands out a sketch of the jacket.. JUST the picture.. then, we have to analyze it, write the measurements, size of buttons, number of pockets, etc.. (Basically everything we see on the sketch)
(This was our pattern drafting exam - 2 weeks - 2 jackets)

Then, each of us decides which method to use, to make the jacket.. Either through draping(on the mannequin, or start the sketch from zero on paper, like in this picture.. )

How the patterns should look like..Draping..

Nebal hehe

Antoinette resting !!!

Copy it on paper to get patterns..

Then cut out the fabric and stitch :D
Jacket #1 Done..

Then we take the same pattern and cut the actual fabric we want to use. (takes around a day and a half)

our lunch =(
and ofcourse the daily horoscope haha!

back to work.. stitching the pockets..

Then the jacket, stitch on the buttons, stitch the collar and lappel, and then 2nd week and 2nd jacket are finally DONEE!! =)

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a place called here

Quotes : What's that place called?

7:25 PM

Memorable quotes from ''A Place Called Here''

This book has been with me since high school, I'm not a ''reader'' but I loved this one.. I still haven't finished it though hahaha! I will someday!
My best friend Suz once told me how she keeps papers in her books full of her favorite quotes, so I decided to do the same..
And today, I found the paper that I have written my favorite quotes and moments on ages ago. So I wanted to share them with you guys =)
Here you go... favorite

''Maybe she'd just had enough and was hiding from the world for a while''


''The complete opposite to how I was in life. I wanted to join in, swap stories, and belong''


''I can only assume that there's only one thing more frustrating than not being able to find someone, and that's not being found. I would want someone to find me, more than anything''


''He may not have had the answers for me but he sure cured me of searching for one thing''


''They just want you to be you, you know that. Don't be ashamed of how you are. They love you for who you are.''


''The more partners I had, the more I realized Gregory and I were the best pair
I'd ever come across. But in my pursuit of answers to all the difficult questions in my life, I missed out on the obvious ones right in front of my very eyes''


''That was the other thing I hated about kids : They always said the exact things that deep down you already knew, would never admit, and most certainly never wanted to hear''


''We felt inextricably linked to one another, as if there was an invisible umbilical cord joining us both. Allowing us to feed off one another, helping us to grow and give one another life''


''Secretly wondering if they had imagined it all. Wether that second among a lifetime of seconds had been true at all''


''Your heart can break at any age''


''Life and death, male and female, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, win and lose, love and hate, lost and found.''


''It was one of those occasions when telling someone wouldn't make it any better.''


''We each have our hiding places and we each put up with the little quirks of the people we love''


''Its too late for them to be captured because the moment has passed, we realize too late''

With love..
Hind xx