Making A Jacket - In Pictures.

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Hello everyone, you chose number 1 out of the list of  ''university life in pictures'' which is making a jacket.
These are pictures from my pattern drafting exam of my second year of fashion university.

First off, every morning.. Coffee, hot chocolate, or anything hot!!

Going to start off with showing you guys how ''making a jacket'' process is..
First, the teacher hands out a sketch of the jacket.. JUST the picture.. then, we have to analyze it, write the measurements, size of buttons, number of pockets, etc.. (Basically everything we see on the sketch)
(This was our pattern drafting exam - 2 weeks - 2 jackets)

Then, each of us decides which method to use, to make the jacket.. Either through draping(on the mannequin, or start the sketch from zero on paper, like in this picture.. )

How the patterns should look like..Draping..

Nebal hehe

Antoinette resting !!!

Copy it on paper to get patterns..

Then cut out the fabric and stitch :D
Jacket #1 Done..

Then we take the same pattern and cut the actual fabric we want to use. (takes around a day and a half)

our lunch =(
and ofcourse the daily horoscope haha!

back to work.. stitching the pockets..

Then the jacket, stitch on the buttons, stitch the collar and lappel, and then 2nd week and 2nd jacket are finally DONEE!! =)

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