Feeling unmotivated..

12:56 AM

Hello everyone =) 

I hope you're all doing great =) 
Do you find yourself at times where you feel completely useless, unmotivated, uninspired and do not want to do a thing? 
I've been there, and ALOT! 
But don't worry, this is just a phase!! TRUST ME!

Being a fashion design student for 3 years, I experienced all of that.. I found it hard to always be happy with my designs and motivated to work harder, specially having a limited time to finish my work, sometimes I don't end up achieving what I had in mind, therefore I get disappointed with the results and myself.

I've had lots of ups and downs during these 3 years, it was not easy! We had a lot of work, and VERY limited time to finish huge projects, which left us going crazy!!!

Anyways, my point is, feeling down happens to everybody, and eventually it really does go away and you end up feeling better than ever! 
Most importantly, don't beat yourself up for feeling unmotivated. 

I have been going through that ''down'' phase lately but I am finally back and ready to work (I hope it lasts for long haha)

I got this sudden urge to buy some fabrics to make new stuff today!! I got lots of things and I don't even know where to start!!

Not sure what I'm going to come up with but I will definitely show you all the results! 

Oh and I might do a ''Do It Yourself'' tutorial in my next post =) ! 

I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness =) 

I  found this very nice article -- > ''6 Best Ways To Find Inspiration''

Oh and number ONE advice I give to all of you if you feel down and want to sleep all day : Wake up early in the morning, enjoy the sun!! Waking up early really does change your whole mood =)

See you soon =)

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