London, Autumn and Squirrels

11:29 PM

Good morning/evening readers =) 

Autumn has been a great season so far, I love the leaves and the trees here in London.. I have been here for around 2 months now, and I'm loving it. The weather is getting cold but the sun still shines every other day! (it's not as rainy as everyone thinks) It barley rained since I've been here.

Here's a few pictures of a beautiful foggy day at Regent's Park

This park has the cutest squirrels EVER! 
Here's a pic of (lilly). Me and Fahad named her cause she remembered us 3 days in a row and ran to us all three times we got there! 
And btw, they literally eat ANYTHING! Mayo, chicken (she ate one of our sandwiches haha) chocolates, corn, etc..!! 

Yes she's sitting on my leg!! SO CUTE <3 

*From where I stand* shot

Have a happy Autumn! Hope you enjoyed this post.
Will be posting more often from now on =) 

Here's a song I've been listening to all day, so warm and happy =)

See you soon

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