Tutorial: Big Loose Curls

4:25 PM

Hello girlies

I've found one of the best curling irons out there and I absolutely love it. It's very easy and comfortable and it's really worth the cost. You can find it online or at department stores.
It's the Jose Eber Signature Series 25mm. (there are smaller sizes)

 Here are some photos to teach you how I normally curl my hair.
Ofcourse, like you normally straighten or do anything with your hair, you divide it into parts. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, I do it fast and I don't divide it carefully but it turns out just fine, except a little bit messier(bed head/good messy)

Take a piece of hair and flip it backwards (AWAY from your face)

Flip it backwards again (flat, dont let your hair twist)

Till the end of the hair. Don't let your fingertips touch the iron, it WILL burn! Although a good thing about this curling iron is that it comes with a cloth glove so you can hold your hair on to the iron.

And you do it to any piece that's still straight, and you eventually get this, after that you can keep it the way it is, or comb it a little with your fingers, to open up the curls.

You can always choose where the curls start from.

Here it is from the back, after brushing it with my fingers to separate the curls

I hope you enjoyed this post =) 
Have fun curling 

Camden town

My Time In London - In Pictures.

4:56 PM

 This post is all about London. I noticed that I have lots of photos that I never posted anywhere and I thought I should put them on the blog. Photos are captured by camera and iPhone. Places like Camden Town, walking around the park, Katy Perry's concert, and more!
Makes me miss London so much!!

Enjoy =)


See you on the next post!

beautiful nature

The World Loves You.

3:42 PM

Have you ever sat alone and wondered, what's the point of this life?
Wondered if you ever made a difference in anyone's life?
If you'll ever accomplish something you will be remembered by?

You are doing all these right now. Being in the world, you're making a difference. Your family and friends, wouldn't be who they are if you weren't in this world. A lot of things would be different without you. To some people, you are everything. Some might show it and some might not. But you are.

Think about how much your mom/dad/sibling/husband/child/friend means to you, imagine how different your life would be without them. They feel the same way about you.
So keep your head up, you are not and will never be worthless. 

God loves you. The world loves you.

If you're having a bad day, let it out, listen to your favorite music, cry, watch a sad movie, write in a journal, do whatever you want to let the sadness out. Let it out and then move forward.

Look around you.
Be thankful.
Be happy.
Get a plant and watch it grow.

Here are some photos of God's beautiful creations. Taken almost 2 years ago with my mom. 
The sky, the sun, the animals, and the nature are all here for us to appreciate them, to take care of them, to be amazed by them. 

I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you have a beautiful day.

♥Heart shaped tree

 Mama <3