DIY : Ombre-Paint An Old Frame.

5:09 PM

Get ready. Today we're getting our hands dirty with COLOURS!

I've had these IKEA frames for years and years and they have been in the closet for ages collecting dust. 
Since me and my parents recently moved to a new home, I found many things that I don't use and  can now transform and use in a different way to decorate my new room instead of throwing them in away.

For the smallest frame, I chose to paint it a purple-pink Ombre.

I didn't have acrylic so I used fabric paint to do it. I have too many fabric paint from university days and I barley used them before. They worked perfectly like any other paint. So you can use any kind too =)

I mixed them with my finger tip and kept going back and forth until I got the result I want.
After that I glued two small synthetic flowers on the corner and it was ready to frame!

I put Modelicious Management's flyer inside the frame, it was my first project in my first internship in 2010.
 I got to make the dress and come up with the idea of the photo shoot, so it means so much to me =)

Enjoy xox

 Here I mixed a few drops of hot pink with the purple.

Always think twice before throwing something away, you can use it in a million different ways =)
Have a nice weekend! 

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