DIY : Flower Canvas (With Video)

2:22 AM

For months, in London, I looked for synthetic flowers, but I had no luck finding any. Or maybe I was looking in the wrong places. But when I got back to Dubai, I found the flower heaven in Dragon Mall! 

So I got many flowers of some colors and decided to make a flower canvas. I learned to do this from Kandee Johnson when she made a flower display board and used it as a background for some of her videos.

I thought I'd design my own flower canvas with just a few color selection.

If you also want to do this, this is what you will need : 


Canvas of any size, or a wall/headboard/door/whatever you want to fill with flowers!

Sharp scissors

Glue Gun

Now let's get to work!

First, pull the flowers off their stems. Some might be hard to take off, but keep trying.

Then you'll get the flowers looking like this from the back : 

Then, you cut the little plastic stick that's stuck on the back of the flower

To make it flat like this..

When you have all the flowers ready and flat, turn the glue gun on and place it on a little plate.

By the time it heats up, organize the flowers on the canvas to know where to put each before permanently sticking them on the canvas.

 Then start gluing one by one

Until it looks like this. Try to avoid showing white gaps between the flowers, buy little flowers to fill out the spaces. Start with one corner then work around it.

Until the whole canvas is filled..

And this is the final result =)
The filter was by instagram that's why the colors are different!

Hope you liked this post, it was a lot of fun doing the canvas, let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it =) 


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