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Tutorial : No More Tangles (Accessory Holder)

9:37 PM

Have you ever wanted to wear a necklace and after just a few tries of getting it out of a huge tangle, you give up and wear something else? Of course you have!

Well, here’s a simple and fun idea to prevent getting necklaces and accessories from tangling up and making a mess!
First, you’re going to need a frame. Any size of frame will work.  It all depends on your taste and style.

Here, an A4-sized frame from IKEA was used.  It was originally brown but it was painted black earlier.
Although you can get whatever color you want from IKEA in the frame section instead of painting it.

Next, you’re going to need:
•       Tulle fabric (or any kind of desired fabric)

 •     Super glue

•     Decorations (like lace and spiked studs). Of course you can use pearls or any kind of decoration

 •     Thick thread (a velvet thick thread was used here)

•     Start off with gluing the studs on the frame, then leave it to dry.

 •     Take the cardboard inside the frame and place a piece of tulle fabric over it.  Make sure the fabric is a little bigger than the cardboard. Repeat this a few more times until the cardboard is covered up. (Here you can use any kind of fabric.  If you use cotton or anything that’s not as light as Tulle, then apply one layer only.)

 •       Once you have all layers, staple them on to the cardboard.

 •       Trim the extra fabric from the back.

 •       Staple the lace on top.

 •       Then staple the tip of the thread and start wrapping it around the cardboard.

 •       Staple it from both sides then cut the thread and start again.

•      Finally, place the cardboard in the frame, close all ends and you’re done!

Here’s your final piece, now you can hang your accessories on the wall and you won’t have trouble with tangles anymore! If you have many accessories, you can make a few more frames. Or you can just make a bigger frame =)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you try this, I'd love to see your results =)

This tutorial was originally made for MMT, check it out here

Enjoy and have lots of fun =)
My cat Antar being an attention seeker here haha!

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Accessories Collection In Progress (How I Started)

6:10 PM

Dear beautiful readers,
For the past year, since I graduated, I've always dreamed of having my own brand, something I can create and have the pleasure of seeing people wear! I've had ups and downs with my countless projects, I've given up on some, I've postponed some and so on.

At some point I felt like giving up on that dream for my lack of motivation. But I couldn't let myself do that. I came up with a completely different idea from what I had in mind and I decided to stick to it, even if it fails.

My very first collection will include bracelets and necklaces. Until now, I have finished around 60 bracelets and a few necklaces, and I am still working. I am so very excited to show them all to you once I am done with the whole project.

I am very blessed to have the closest people to me help me, with the business part, the graphic designs, the photography, and the moral support.

I have been encouraged by lots of people, and most of which you will know about once the bracelets are up for sale, they were the inspiration behind the whole project. 

I will definitely design clothes in the future, but for now, I want to finish what I've started.

If you are at a point in your life where you feel lost and uninspired, know that its okay. 
It's okay to feel down, don't feel guilty for doing nothing with your days. Enjoy them, watch movies all day, do nothing all day, but then get back on your feet and tune up some inspiring music and start brainstorming. 

You WILL find that one thing that will get you started, you WILL feel inspired and unstoppable. Believe that one day you will feel like that and you will!

Here's a song that I love so much and always keeps me inspired and in a good mood <3>

I hope you are all having a great summer.
Keep smiling and always BELIEVE in yourself 

PS. Jane by Design is currently my favorite TV show. I watch it as I work and it keeps me motivated =)