Hind Adib Accessories : The Story & A Sneak Peek

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Hello everyone!
Thank you for stopping by my blog. 

It all started when I went to Jordan for 10 days and visited a sewing shop that has crazy amounts of accessory-making tools. Back then, I only bought 6 coloured threads with a very long silver chain. 

I tried so many different techniques to make a presentable accessory but it failed badly since I had no idea how to even make accessories. 
I tried to silver-plate the long metal chain at stores but that also failed since they said it will rub off eventually. So I returned the chain and stuck to the threads. Not knowing what to do with them, I still bought meters and meters of each color. I tried putting them next to each other, roll them together, nothing worked but the braid. And that's when I realized that it could be really cool to bring back the old school ''Teenage years'' bracelets that we used to make for our friends. 

So I did that but did not like any of the color mixtures I did. So I went back to Dubai and looked for these threads and found a million more colors that I fell in love with!! By then, I kept trying with colors until I figured out a way to put my style into it with mixing the colors I would usually enjoy designing clothes with. 
That's when I finally saw myself in the accessories, and that's what inspired me to keep making more and come up with new designs, cause I loved them and I was so excited to share them with everyone!! 

The hardest part of the whole thing was figuring out how to assemble a bracelet together, how to attach the locks.. etc, and how to find a way to be able to create a few bracelet at a time without everything falling apart! I tried many techniques again and every time I work on them I figure out a new way to do something.

I failed at times, and gave up at times. But finally, I made it happen. All thanks to people's support, the encouraging people around me, on Facebook, and on the blog. 
So thank YOU for your support and motivating words or just your simple ''likes'' on Facebook that made me go on.

I didn't want them to just be fashion accessories, I wanted them to have a meaning, a value, even if it's just a simple braid with no diamonds, silver or gold!

I have made each and everyone of them with so much love, and for each month, an amount of the profit will be donated to a certain charity.

For this month (or more time) I will donate 30% of all sales to the precious Lea Jovens who is fighting bone marrow cancer. 
When I visited Lea at the hospital my heart felt like it was suffocating, it hurt so much  knowing that a beautiful child spent her childhood in hospital beds and tens of surgeries. Through all of that, she keeps the smile on her face, knowing that things WILL get better. My heart opened up to her like she was my little sister and I couldn't sit there and watch her suffer. She showed me that no matter how many bad things happen, how many things go wrong, to always be strong and keep smiling. She inspired me so much without even knowing it.

So in her honor, I added the butterfly pendant (that you will see in the next post) to the bracelets, she said she loves butterflies and she also loves PINK which is also my favorite color =)

I'd like to say thank you again for every one who encouraged me to continue and not give up.

Here are the beautiful photos SuzDarkan took of me finally showing a sneak peek of the accessories for the first time! The next post will be showing each and every single kind and by then you will be able to order them

PS. There will be some for the guys and the kids

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