DIY : Spiked Shirt & Shoes.

7:09 PM

 I know, spikes are so overrated these days, we literally see them everywhere, on bags, shoes, jackets, shirts, etc. 
But I've loved spikes and studs ever since I started designing 5 years ago. I wanted to put them on my university designs so bad but I couldn't find them anywhere! 
So when I finally found them (after the LONGEST search) it was too late to use them because I have already graduated at that time.
So they've been with me for over a year now and I decided to add them to my H&M shoes and an American Eagle denim shirt. 

For the shirt, I used spikes and a little cutout studded piece I cut out of this bag (Scroll down to the last pic of this link) the bag was getting old and started to cut out a little bit cause I used to use it literally everyday and fill it with so many things when I went to classes! So I decided to cut the studs out and get rid of the bag! See, that's the good thing about buying cheap non branded bags haha you can always reuse without feeling guilty ;)

All photo shoot photos are by SuzDarkan Photography

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