DIY: How To Remove Lint Balls Off Clothes. (Video)

1:01 PM

I've had this video up on Youtube for a while now and surprisingly, a lot of people responded to this method of removing lint balls from clothes. 
Sometimes when certain fabrics get washed a lot or even just worn once or twice, they start to have little ''lint balls'' sticking on them which makes them look old and kind of damaged. 

Here, I'm shaving off these extra lint balls off a cotton dress with a normal razor. You usually have to use a special little machine to do this but any sharp razor works!
After you shave it, remove the shaved parts with tape (I used one from H&M) but you can use any kind of tape to clean up the shaves, it doesn't even have to be a tape specially for clothes.



accessory designer

MyLook : All We Have Is This Moment.

6:22 PM

 The future is right now, right in front of you
Don't let the clock, the clock tell you what to do
Our future is right now
Baby don't blink and miss 

The other day I got really bored and decided to dye my hair all shades of pink! So I used three colors of Manic Panic and mixed them all in my hair and this is what happened haha!

This dye is really one of my favorites, it's anemia-free, completely harmless, and actually makes your hair softer! You can get it from West L.A. Boutique.

Styled in one of my favorite brands, UNIF, from head to toe.

Everything is from WEST L.A. Boutique.


Photos by Joanne Achiro.

accessory designer

MyLook : A Day In Amman.

12:48 AM

One of the most things I love about Jordan is the weather, it's so beautiful and fresh. 
I just got back from a 2 weeks holiday and I miss it so badly already. Me and my cousin were cruising around one day and found this street with an incredible view so we decided to shoot some photos there wearing one of my handmade necklaces!

Love you Ayoosh :) 

 ♥  Necklace : Hind Adib ♥ 

accessory designer

MyLook : Bullet Proof Heart.

1:23 PM

Today's look includes one of my own designed necklaces, the ''Bullet Proof Heart''. 

I am so happy to share my second accessory collection with you guys. This collection means so much to me as it is inspired by real life moments.

When you overcome a hard time in your life, feel proud because you've only become stronger and wiser. No matter what it is, a heartbreak, loss of a loved one, abuse, or anything at all. Everything that happens to you in life is only making you grow and learn.

After a while, you become so strong that nothing can break you. These necklaces are like a message on your neck, that your heart is bullet proof, and nothing can break it.
Your heart is strong, and so are you. 

''Whatever can't kill you, will only make you stronger.''


Dress : Some Days Lovin ♥ Necklace : Hind Adib ♥ Shades : Spitfire ♥  Jeffrey Campbell all from WEST L.A


Photography: Rainbow Veins.

12:32 AM

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains

And I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins

'Cause your heart has a lack of colour and we should've known

That we'd grow up sooner or later 'Cause we wasted all our free time alone
Your nerves gather with the altitude
Exhale the stress so you don't come unglued
Somewhere there is a happy affair, a ghost of a good mood

(Rainbow Veins - Owl City)

betsey johnson vintage

MyLook: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.

5:33 AM

A really lovely friend of mine gave me this amazing Betsey Johnson dress to wear for my birthday, she's had it for a very long time it's considered vintage now! Isn't it so pretty?
Paired it with my favourite ice-cream Miss L-Fire heels that I never wore because they're too small! I loved them too much though I had to get them, at least for decoration haha!

On August 21st, I turned 23. Here are some little notes for this year : 

Do more of what makes you happy.
Do all things with love.
Spread the love.
Make people happy.
Share your smiles.
Always give more.
Be generous.
Forgive and forget.
Be thankful.
Work hard for what you want.
Chase your dreams, no matter how big they are.
Be curious, not judgemental.
Your life is NOW.
Stop being afraid of what could go wrong.
Think of what could go right.
(22-Taylor Swift)