betsey johnson vintage

MyLook: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22.

5:33 AM

A really lovely friend of mine gave me this amazing Betsey Johnson dress to wear for my birthday, she's had it for a very long time it's considered vintage now! Isn't it so pretty?
Paired it with my favourite ice-cream Miss L-Fire heels that I never wore because they're too small! I loved them too much though I had to get them, at least for decoration haha!

On August 21st, I turned 23. Here are some little notes for this year : 

Do more of what makes you happy.
Do all things with love.
Spread the love.
Make people happy.
Share your smiles.
Always give more.
Be generous.
Forgive and forget.
Be thankful.
Work hard for what you want.
Chase your dreams, no matter how big they are.
Be curious, not judgemental.
Your life is NOW.
Stop being afraid of what could go wrong.
Think of what could go right.
(22-Taylor Swift)


Photography: You’re my neon gypsy, my desert rain.

12:14 AM

Caught my reflection, drop the call

I’ve been medicated with cigarettes and alcohol

I got vertigo, no I can’t see straight

I got obligations though I’m usually late but

You’re the best I ever had

(Best I Ever Had - Gavin DeGraw)

Ben and Dina for WEST L.A.

bitch don't kill my vibe

MyLook : B**tch Don't Kill My Vibe.

7:30 PM

The first time I can actually say that this look combines some of my favorite items.
I made this tutu back in university for my Graduation collection. I am crazy about puffy dresses and skirts, and If I can, I'd wear them everywhere!
I barley ever used to wear high heels before because I couldn't handle the pain, and in my opinion, no amount of pretty shoes are worth the pain! 
But ever since I got these Jeffrey Campbell wedges, I couldn't stop buying more of them in every color! They are the most comfortable high-heels ever. I don't even mind being the tallest one in the room anymore as long as my feet are happy, haha!

Have a lovely day/night wherever you are :)

Top: Brandy Melville USA  Belt: Forever21  Skirt: Hind Adib  Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell from WEST L.A. Boutique  Sunglasses: Forever21

bright photographs

Photography : Shine No Matter Where You Are.

10:00 AM

''Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light cause it's time for you to shine, shine no matter where you are'' - Owl City.

Bright photos just make my heart skip a beat, specially while shooting them!! These are some of my recent most favorite ''bright'' photographs that I've shot for WEST L.A. Boutique. The first one was taken as a video, and the other two of the amazing dancers, Leah and Danny from Jampacked Productions.

(Shooting Star - Owl City)

If you're having a bad day, just go out in the sun, eat ice cream, take photos of the sky, call an old friend, hang out with your parents, listen to good happy music, eat a really delicious meal, take a long walk, swim at night, lay under the sun, dance in front of the mirror, and most importantly, remember that life is too short to have a bad day.
Smile, after every rainstorm, comes a beautiful bright rainbow.

Shooting Star + Rainbow Veins - Owl City
Roar + Firework - Katy Perry
Brave - Sara Bareilles

I love you all, thank you for stopping by!

© Hind Adib Photography