MyLook : Bullet Proof Heart.

1:23 PM

Today's look includes one of my own designed necklaces, the ''Bullet Proof Heart''. 

I am so happy to share my second accessory collection with you guys. This collection means so much to me as it is inspired by real life moments.

When you overcome a hard time in your life, feel proud because you've only become stronger and wiser. No matter what it is, a heartbreak, loss of a loved one, abuse, or anything at all. Everything that happens to you in life is only making you grow and learn.

After a while, you become so strong that nothing can break you. These necklaces are like a message on your neck, that your heart is bullet proof, and nothing can break it.
Your heart is strong, and so are you. 

''Whatever can't kill you, will only make you stronger.''


Dress : Some Days Lovin ♥ Necklace : Hind Adib ♥ Shades : Spitfire ♥  Jeffrey Campbell all from WEST L.A

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