I'm up on the sky and the dream's so blue.

10:10 PM

♫ Shiny,have you seen my world in new colours? 

How you fire from a rocket in the universe? 

I'm up on the sky and the dream's so blue 
I live in the sky 
You come live here too 
I'm queen of the clouds 
Make my wish come true 
I sing to the night
Let me sing to you 

I've been dying my hair different colours since November  and I've only just tried blue a month ago and it's been my favourite color so far.
I just finished editing a tutorial video on how I dye my hair with Manic Panic - It will be up on westlaboutique.com very soon so stay tuned :) 

If you ever hesitate on dying your hair, DONT. 
Don't hesitate.
If you feel like it, just DO IT!

Yes, people were giving me the weirdest looks at malls and in the streets when I had my hair half pink and half blue (and all the other colours but mainly this one haha), but WHO CARES. It made me happy!

So if it makes YOU happy, just do it. Whatever it is you want to do. 
Weather its dying your hair, shaving your head, wearing something daring and crazy, listening to goofy music. Don't worry about what people will think. Life is short, and your life is YOURS to live. 
So whatever you wear, however you look, its all for YOU and nobody else.

Never wait for anybody's approval.
You know they say, they will either judge you, or ignore you. So don't be afraid of expressing yourself. 
Live your life for you. For the way you feel. 

Just do what makes you happy.


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