Tutorial & FAQ : Manic Panic Hair Dye.

6:10 PM

Hello, here's a little video on how I dye my ombre-bleached hair using Manic Panic hair dye :)

*Here are some answers to the most questions I get about Manic Panic :

  • The colours i used in the video are Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze, the purple didn't show as the pink is too bright, but it looks great on its own! 
Here are links to both of them : 

  • Manic panic hair dye is organic and does not damage the hair at all. 

  • If you have black hair, you need to bleach it to get the exact colour on the bottle of Manic Panic. 

  • If your hair is a little lighter than black and you don't want to bleach it, the colours will still work, but will be darker than the bottle's original colour.
(colour : Electric Lizard)

  • Some colours will give a tint to black hair under sunlight. (voodoo blue, vampire red, purple haze..) for example did give me just a tint of colour to my dark hair, but faded after 3 washes.

  • Bleaching DOES damage the hair, it strips down the original hair colour and makes the hair thinner. But if you get it done by professionals, and take care of it, you'll be okay.

  • After you bleach your hair, unless you dye your hair back to it's original colour, it won't fade back to the colour you had before you bleached it. 
  • There are two types of Manic Panic semi-perminant hair dye. The 'Amplified' and the 'Classic'. The difference is that the Amplified is stronger and lasts 30% longer than the classic.

  • Your hair needs to be clean before you colour it with Manic Panic. Try to avoid Anti-Dandruff or oily shampoos, they will prevent Manic Panic from processing properly.

  • When you wash the colour off, try to do it with cold water (or at least not too hot) to set the colour. And if you're using the amplified colours, wear new gloves to rinse, as it will stain on your hands.

  • Vaseline is important because you WILL get stains all over specially if its your first time. So having the vaseline there will help you wipe the stains off easily once you're done and washed.

  • Gloves, are VERY important!

  • You don't need to add anything with the dye before you start. You just open the bottle and start.

  • In the video, I put a black garbage bag around my neck. But I usually wear a black turtle neck/long sleeved shirt, to avoid any dye anywhere close to my chest and arms. I cover the exposed skin with Vaseline.

  • When you style or straighten your hair, if you dyed it with an amplified colour, try to wear cotton gloves for at least the first couple of times after you wash it. As it might stain your hands a little.

  • Always use dark towels and dark pillow cases, as it will stain a little, specially if you used an amplified colour.
  • The amplified (with my experience) last for around 3-4 weeks. Some take longer to fade (Voodoo Blue and Electric Lizard) but to completely go back to the colour you had before you dyed it, it might take 1.5 to 2 months if you used an amplified colour. If you used a classic one, it will fade in 2-3 weeks and sometimes less. Both dyed might fade sooner or later depending on how many times you wash your hair.

  • Last but most important, these colours are FUN, play around with them.. And if the colour doesn't turn out the way you want, it's still cool :) 




Adventures: Ghost Town ''Al Jazirat Al Hamra''

3:54 PM

On one hot summer day, Suz, Chelsea and I decided to go on a little adventure to discover a place called
''Jazirat Al Hamra ''Ghost Town'' in Ras Al Khaimah''

This village has been abandoned since 1968. The walls are so fragile and the ceilings are broken.

The walls of the buildings were made by mud and stone mixed with corals and sea shells.

Thankfully we didn't get lost on the way and got there when the sun was still up!
It wasn't as creepy as everyone warned us it would be. We heard a few noises but
they were just people like us walking around looking at the place.
Or maybe they were ghosts in the form of humans haha!

Our second stop was the ''abandoned Russian cargo airplane in Umm Al Quwain''.

The wheels, engine, and wings are all long gone. It was a home to a million pigeons that flew out
in every direction the second we got close! THAT was more terrifying than being in the town
of ''ghosts''! Haha

On our way back, we found the most beautiful place just in time for the sunset! We stopped
and watched the sunset and then we drove back home.

Enjoy the photos :)


MyLook : New York State of Mind.

12:54 AM

I got to shoot with Aia Atoui a few months back and I don't know why but this look reminded me of New York City! The wind, the fur, the glam and the grunge, it just felt like the perfect outfit to wear in New York! 

These photos were taken just a month before I actually went to New York with a suitcase full of cool winter clothes that I was so excited to wear!

But little did I know that I was going to wear almost the same thing everyday. The only thing I worried about was staying WARM! It was freezing, I couldn't wear any of my cute little winter outfits, because guess what, I had to wear two layers of pants, 4/5 layers of tops, and a big coat, topped with a big scarf wrapped around my face, a hat, and gloves (if not two).

I literally looked like a walking blanket!!!

I really wish I knew how girls can look fabulous in -1C without freezing their brains out!! Props to you ladies, I wish I could be that strong, haha!!

For now, I'll just stick to warm Dubai weather..

Jacket : Unrealfur - Boots : Jeffrey Campbell - Full outfit is from WEST L.A. Boutique