Adventures: Ghost Town ''Al Jazirat Al Hamra''

3:54 PM

On one hot summer day, Suz, Chelsea and I decided to go on a little adventure to discover a place called
''Jazirat Al Hamra ''Ghost Town'' in Ras Al Khaimah''

This village has been abandoned since 1968. The walls are so fragile and the ceilings are broken.

The walls of the buildings were made by mud and stone mixed with corals and sea shells.

Thankfully we didn't get lost on the way and got there when the sun was still up!
It wasn't as creepy as everyone warned us it would be. We heard a few noises but
they were just people like us walking around looking at the place.
Or maybe they were ghosts in the form of humans haha!

Our second stop was the ''abandoned Russian cargo airplane in Umm Al Quwain''.

The wheels, engine, and wings are all long gone. It was a home to a million pigeons that flew out
in every direction the second we got close! THAT was more terrifying than being in the town
of ''ghosts''! Haha

On our way back, we found the most beautiful place just in time for the sunset! We stopped
and watched the sunset and then we drove back home.

Enjoy the photos :)

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