MyLook : New York State of Mind.

12:54 AM

I got to shoot with Aia Atoui a few months back and I don't know why but this look reminded me of New York City! The wind, the fur, the glam and the grunge, it just felt like the perfect outfit to wear in New York! 

These photos were taken just a month before I actually went to New York with a suitcase full of cool winter clothes that I was so excited to wear!

But little did I know that I was going to wear almost the same thing everyday. The only thing I worried about was staying WARM! It was freezing, I couldn't wear any of my cute little winter outfits, because guess what, I had to wear two layers of pants, 4/5 layers of tops, and a big coat, topped with a big scarf wrapped around my face, a hat, and gloves (if not two).

I literally looked like a walking blanket!!!

I really wish I knew how girls can look fabulous in -1C without freezing their brains out!! Props to you ladies, I wish I could be that strong, haha!!

For now, I'll just stick to warm Dubai weather..

Jacket : Unrealfur - Boots : Jeffrey Campbell - Full outfit is from WEST L.A. Boutique

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