be your own trendsetter

Feature: How To Make Your Own Trends.

2:32 PM

Last week, I was approached by Read Magazine for a fashion feature in their weekly magazine. They mentioned that a trend article would be cool. 
At that point I kind of freaked out and thought to myself ''I'm the LAST person to ask about trends''.. Yes I do appreciate the fashion trends and all the fashion designers and their incredible work, but I'm just not interested in following the trends.. So I decided to write about how NOT to follow the trends. 

Maybe I'm just crazy but..
Wearing what makes YOU happy. What makes YOU feel confident.. is the only way to go.

Hope you like it :) 

Here's one of my favourite songs for Good Charlotte, their music has always inspired me to be okay with being different, through high school, university, and even now! 

Thank you Read Magazine :)