Recipe : Happiness Smoothie.

2:33 PM

My favourite mornings consist of two things: Sunshine, and a fruit smoothie! 
I started experimenting with smoothies a while back when I went on a cleanse detox which included a lot of fruits/veggies/fish and excluded meats and dairy products.
It made me feel brand new in just 7 days. My skin was completely renewed, and I felt more energetic than ever!

After the 7 days were done, I decided to stick to a healthy lifestyle as much as I possibly can. Even on some days where I do get comfortable eating junk or too much chocolate, I'll make up for it the next day with a fruit smoothie.

Cause what's the point of feeling guilty if you enjoyed whatever you had while you're having it? It's already inside and all you can do is just have a helthier next meal to make it up.

Our body is the most important home we will ever live in. So take care of your home, give it natural and colorful foods that will renew it's cells, refresh it and keep it more alive than ever.

Here's the little recipe to my favourite smoothie so far. It's sweet, SUPER healthy, and perfect to start your day with.

Below each photo are just a few benefits of each fruit.

Amount : A handful and a half of frozen blue berries.

- Benefits -

Makes you happy.
Helps your workout, takes away some of your belly fat.
Takes care of your most important sense, your sight.
Gives your brain a lot of energy.
Helps your digestion system run smoothly.
Takes care of your heart.
Protects you from cancers.
Fights the bad cells in your body since it has the highest antioxidant capacity in all fruits.

Amount : Four strawberries, and one slice of pineapple.

- Benefits -

Pineapple Strengthens your immune system.
Reduces inflammations.
Helps with colds and flus.
Strengthens your bones.
Prevents asthma.

Strawberries help your memory.
Help you burn unwanted fat.
Give you beautiful nails and hair.
Take care of your eyes.
Fight cancerous cells.
Keep the wrinkles away.

Amount : One banana, and a quarter cup of almond milk.

- Benefits -

Bananas Distress you make you happier.
Give you tons of energy.
Strengthen your blood.
Protect your bones, eyes, heart, and digestive system.

Almond Milk Makes your skin glow.
Helps strengthen and heal your muscles.
Keeps your heart healthy.

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