All the love you need

Sometimes I Need You.

4:17 PM

''Keep giving me hope for a better day 
Keep giving me love to find a way 
Through this heaviness I feel I just need someone to say, everything's okay''

(Bali 2018)

''Sometimes I need a little sunshine 
And sometimes I need you''

This morning, I woke up with a little heaviness in my chest. My day seemed a little dark, and I felt like I really needed something to get me out of bed.
I forced myself to shut my brain down, and get up to do some stretches on my yoga mat.
In front of the mirror, I practiced to get all my poses right, even though my body felt so stiff.
This song came up, and I paused my stretches and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

The song goes something like :

Woke my weary head
Crawled out of my bed
And I said, "Oh, how do I go on?"
Nothing's going right, shadow's took the light
And I said, "Oh, how do I go on?"

I gave my hope to you
When you were nearly through
And you said, "Oh, I can't go on"
Well, now I need it back
'Cause I have got a lack of all that's good
And I can't go on

Yeah, sometimes I just need a little sunshine
And sometimes I need you

Through this heaviness I feel
I just need someone to say, everything's okay

And I smiled to myself. Looking in the mirror and telling myself, the person you're needing to lift you up right now, is YOU.
If the sunshine doesn't come to you, YOU create it.
The person you need to say ''everything's okay'' to you, is YOU.

A feeling of sudden peace in my heart.
A feeling of clarity in my head.

Sometimes we try so hard to find comfort in things outside of us, to find others to tell us everything will be okay, to comfort our hearts, to ease our pain, to love us, to be there for us.
But why can't that person be ourselves?
Yes. It is incredibly beautiful to find someone who loves and cares for you in that way, but you'll never be fully open, happy or satisfied with their love, if you haven't accepted or loved yourself first.
And similarly, you can't fully love, or care for others, if you haven't filled yourself with love first.

How can you pour out of your empty glass?

This is something I've been working really hard on lately, and I may make it sound easy on here, but it's not. It's a long and ongoing journey of self love.
Everyday, you have to CHOOSE to love and accept yourself.
Just like how you CHOOSE to love the people in your life everyday.

Loving YOU will help you see the world in such a clear and beautiful way.
Loving YOU will help you enjoy other people's love SO much more intensely.

I felt the need to write this down, because this moment felt so precious to me.
It felt like such an ''aha'' moment.
I wish you all can find the time to get those little moments with yourselves.

SO much love for you! 
Thanks for reading

xx Hind